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Surviving Baselworld 2018

May 15, 2017 1:53 pm

Our tips on how to survive the chaos that is BaselWorld 2019

Here at RepairsByPost we ensure our knowledge on all things watch based is up to date and so a trip to BaselWorld 2017 was planned. In charge of researching and booking the trip I set to work full of enthusiasm and excitement. However, my zeal for this trip quickly began to wane. As I did my research for BaselWorld , I was desperately searching for a blog with hints and tips for people like me who had never been before. Yet I couldn’t find anything. For those of you who are fortunate enough to go to Baselworld 2019, I have complied some hints and tips, from booking accommodation to what to wear whilst you are there. This year will have a change of experience for many people, The largest watch group, which is the Swatch group, who own brands such as Omega, Longines, Tissot, Rado & Calvin Klein,  have pulled out, which is a major amount of space that is now available in the halls. Let’s see how this year goes, we will be reading the updated reports throughout 2019

Hints and Tips for Baselworld 2018

Pre Book Appointments

If you know there are companies which you absolutely have to see, book appointments with them before hand and stick to them. Be realistic about the time which it takes you to walk around the centre. We were there to discuss the brand support which we offer to UK and European customers. As well as our B2C site, we also offer B2B trade watch repairs.

Flights to Baselworld


The flights to Basel from Manchester were not too expensive. We flew with Easyjet and we were there in 90 mins. We thought we would be very clever and fully up to date with technology and got our boarding passes on our phone. However, our phone batteries died and there was nowhere to charge the phone! Luckily we printed them out as well. If you can take a Powerbank charger as a back up for you phone or laptop. Other visitors to Baselworld fly to airports close by such as Zurich, for us it was more convenient and the same price to fly direct to Basel.

Accommodation in Baselworld

where to stay baselworld 2018

The hotel prices are ridiculous. Hubby and I opted for an Air BnB about 15 mins away by tram.We had more space than a cramped hotel room and it was much better value. The local Migros or COOP are worth a trip on the way in, and if you want you can order a delivery online for when you arrive


baselworld transport

Leaving the Airport don’t worry about Uber and the ‘enhanced’ prices during the show. The no 8 bus is right outside the doors and will cost approx. 4.50CHF and take you to the town centre. You can pick up local taxis or grab a tram to your lodgings.The public transport is fantastic, we had the number 2 and 8 tram which ran from around the corner from our Air BnB  stopped outside Basel SBB railway (Bahnhof Basel) station which then took us all the way into the exhibition centre (we were guaranteed seating as we were on early).  Buy your return tickets at the tram stop machine for your days travel. It does have an English button to translate for you. Alternatively, at the Banhof there is an exhibition kiosk you can buy tickets for the number of days you are visiting.



This is especially important if you are only there for a flying visit. A few weeks before the floor plans are released. You will still wander around like a deer in the headlights, but it will take you less time to get your bearings. You will walk miles and miles and miles. You will laugh at silly women wearing 6 inch heals. You will laugh even more a few days later as these same women can no longer walk in 6 inch heals and yet have no other shoes with them and have to suffer the crippling pain! Wear light weight clothing too- it gets warm inside.


food baselworld

We need to eat and food there is expensive, but there are cheaper options than eating in the exhibition center. A short walk away is a COOP supermarket with a good selection of sandwiches and baked goods. And drink- stay hydrated as it gets hot inside! If your lucky to book around lunch time make sure it’s with one of the larger brands as they often invite you for lunch at there in-stand catered restaurants.


baselworld book

Whilst your remember why you are there, do not forget the following: A pre-Basel training regime may be necessary to carry the brochures and carrier bags you accumulate even with a case, your arms and shoulders will feel it. Try not to forget to take a spare case for the brochures and gift bags. When you start off you maybe tempted with a 1/2 a kilo BaselWorld brand book at the start of your adventure, do not pick it up, you will regret it. Either pick it up when you leave or use the e-paper version on the main BaselWorld Website. You will soon add kilos of weight with all the manufacturer giveaways and brochures. For those who forget FedEx are based in the Main hall upstairs near the cloakroom. Take change for the cloakroom and leave as much as you can there, unnecessary bags/luggage and coats.

The Beautiful Basel

Staying in Basel for a few days? Enjoy! Visit the main tourist site for Basel and enjoy what this beautiful city has to offer.

In addition to the local delight of the Old town.

Evenings after the show closes at Baselworld,  The big brands sponsor an evening of entertainment every night of the show. We stumbled across the Rolex Jazz night, featuring a live jazz band, lots of champagne, the atmosphere was fantastic. It’s a great networking opportunity as the people there will be from the suppliers letting their hair down. No matter how exhausted you may be it is worth a trip back.

You may feel like you've stepped back in time....

People there still smoke. And by smoke I mean 1940’s walk out of a building into a thick wall of stale smelling smoke. It is vile. So hold your breath, walk out the door and take about 20 paces to your left or your right. Only then will you find some space to breath fresh air.

And, the boobs! Oh ladies, I wanted to burn my bra and fling around a picture of Emmeline Pankhurst.

Most of the ladies there were 5ft 9, long blond hair, big boobs sporting an array of diamonds whilst a security guard ‘looked after’ them. Whilst there were a few business women, I was generally ignored by the ‘men in suits’ who made me feel like I was there just to take notes for my hubby. It’s a shame- I though that we were in 2017; maybe their secretaries never gave them the memo.

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