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Is the Apple Watch Just Stale Fruit?

June 18, 2015 5:43 pm

I love watches, hence I have made my livelihood repairing and selling them. I enjoy marvelling at the beauty and the intricacy of how the watches are made.

People often ask what my favourite watch is; such a difficult question.! I have been known to drool over sleek modern watches and quirky vintage watches and everything in between.

And now we have the Apple Watch…..

Am I just a boring man stuck in my old fashioned ways? Or is the Apple Watch the answer to a question that no-one ever asked!

A question I did ask was what is the definition of the noun ‘watch’. By definition a watch is “A small timepiece worn typically on a strap on one’s wrist” well, it isn’t small, but it does tell the time. Therefore, yes by definition it is, I suppose, it is a watch. But it is so much more than a watch….and that is what annoys me.

On Saturday night I was sat with a friend who was sporting his latest purchase (from the States, far too expensive in the UK!) and his emails flashed on his watch, and on his phone. Knowing that you  can turn off the notifications, I asked why he hadn’t. As he rightly replied, ‘You don’t turn your emails off your phone when you’re not working.’ Which I don’t, although I should.

Is the ‘watch’ then just another way in which we can stay connected 24 hours a day?

Having just made a change to my own life in order to get the correct work/life balance I am concerned that this ‘watch’ and those that will inevitably follow from other manufacturers, will just make us work more, and less able to relax. 

Apologies to all you Mac using, Apple crunching techies, but it is not just a watch. It is a mini computer attached to your arm. If you want to use it s a watch then that’s fine, but I do not wish to see your messages flashing on your arm when I have invited you round for dinner!

Maybe I am just an old man stuck in my ways…but I still prefer my apple in a pie!

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